Frequently asked questions
How can I get to VDL by car?
You can use the link below to get directly to Google Maps, it works on your mobile device too. Enter your location from which you want to start and Google will calculate your way to our front door! Please let us know your expected arrival so that we can receive you directly. Top left, please enter your departure and click on calculate … Here is your link: http://bit.ly/2Ohyr7S
How much is a night at Villas del Lago?
This depends on several factors. The safest way to get the exact price is to go to our reservation page. Here you get the exact price for your desired date and accommodation. You can also secure your desired room or tent here immediately and click on reserve. Immediately afterwards you will receive a confirmation e-mail and we will contact you shortly afterwards.
Why do I find different prices of VDL on the internet?
We are listed in several platforms and search engines. These platforms have the task of bringing us into contact with customers. For this service they charge to us a commission, which we have already included in advance in the prices of the platforms. This means that you always get the best price here on our platform. If you ever find a price that is below our current prices (currently on our homepage), then please send a photo, a screenshot or a link to the page and you will get the same price as the one you found have. Guaranteed!
Is the breakfast included in the price or do I have to make an extra reservation?
The breakfast is NOT included.
But you can to that when you contact us. This is per person – for children (up to 7 years) is the possibility to share a breakfast. This is at your discretion, because nobody knows your children better than you! 🙂 We like to serve an empty plate so the kids can share their breakfast with you.
Can I listen to music when and where I want and is there a TV in the hotel?
No. We ensure a pleasant atmosphere with selected background music in the evening. So that every guest feels comfortable and a pleasant conversation and interesting discussions can take place. Also in the glamping area we would like to work for a relaxed atmosphere. For the same reason we have no TV in the entire hotel, we also all invite to personal conversations and we are committed to making pleasant conversations with the people who stay in the hotel and you can pay more mutual attention.
We are a group and want to rent the whole finca, is that possible?
Yes, of course! You can rent the villa including the tents. In the villa you can accommodate up to 16 people and in the tents 8 people, so together 24 people. The kitchen is then available with our staff, that you by appointment, your wishes fulfilled. So you are welcome to hold seminars, coaching, yoga classes. However, the issues of sharing where we ask you to tell us about your business on request. Of course, you can also happy to hold your celebration (wedding, birthday, family reunion ..) with us. Should you still have organizational questions or price inquiries you can contact us here: http://bit.ly/2y7Bm86
Can I bring my pet and do I have to pay extra?

Yes, you are welcome to take your pet with you, but we cannot take responsibility for your pet. The finca is approx. 70,000 m2 in size and is fenced in, but only for large animals. A water trough with fresh water is always available, and you are also welcome to use our food bowl for the food you bring with you.
This service is of course FREE.

Is it possible to use the kitchen?

No. We offer you 3-4 menus and, if desired, also a vegetarian dish. You are also welcome to send us your special requests before booking and we will try to fulfill all your wishes. Please keep in mind that we need sufficient lead time as we are far from any city.

Can I take weapons?

No, weapons are prohibited in our house and on the entire grounds of the finca. We would also like to point out that if we know of a weapon – regardless of the type – we will immediately call the police for clarification without asking.
We expressly declare ourselves to be opponents of violence and a place to relax!

What are the distances between the main house and the glamping zone?

About 100 m.

How can I pay for the reservation online and how can I pay for my consumption at the lodge?"

You have several options for this. As soon as we receive your reservation, we will send you an invoice via PayPal to your email address.
When you open this invoice you have two alternatives:

– If you have a PayPal account,

you can click on pay right here. If the reservation is made more than 2 weeks in advance, it is sufficient to only pay the partial amount requested by us. You can then pay the rest directly upon your arrival (check-in).

– you don’t have a PayPal account,

then when paying on the invoice you can click on “pay without a PayPal account”. You will then be automatically redirected to a secure page on PayPal where you can make an online payment with your credit card. If you have any difficulties, please contact us, we will be happy to help you. To do this, use the email: villasdellagoresort@gmail.com

– Payments with Bitcoin,

If you don’t know how to get Bitcoin, please just take a look here:

What activities can I do or book?

Here at the finca “Villas del Lago” we want to bring you closer to the inexhaustible energies of nature and provide you with a place to relax. In the spirit of the 4 elements of life (water, air, earth, fire), our activity program is also tailored to them.

Already finished and usable:
– 2 kayaks
– 2 pedal boats
– 2 sailboats – type Zuma
– Bathing and sun island
– Riding tour on the finca grounds max. 2 at the same time – guided by hand (donkey or horse, depending on availability.

Under construction:
– Hiking trail approx. 50 minutes per tour with 4 element experience and relaxation stations (good shoes are an advantage)

What meals are included in the price of the overnight stay?

No meals are included in the overnight stay prices. However, you are welcome to let us know when booking that you would like to add breakfast/dinner, you will then be charged extra. If you come with your children, you are welcome to share the food.
The accommodation is equipped with a shower and toilet in each room.
In the glamping area there is a communal shower and toilet facility (separate for men and women). Every guest receives soap, shampoo and a towel to use free of charge.

What else is offered in the restaurant?

We offer different menus. You can view the menu here:
If you have special requests or do not eat specific foods (e.g.: allergy or vegetarian,…) please let us know as soon as possible so that we can prepare accordingly. We always strive to fulfill all of our guests’ wishes in the best possible way.

What else is offered in the restaurant?

We offer different menus. You can view the menu here:
If you have special requests or do not eat specific foods (e.g.: allergy or vegetarian,…) please let us know as soon as possible so that we can prepare accordingly. We always strive to fulfill all of our guests’ wishes in the best possible way.

Why do I have to announce so many things ahead of time - can't I decide everything at short notice or on the spot?"

Of course you can also decide on site, but please also bear in mind that you may then hear a “…unfortunately it’s not possible…”.
We would like to tell you the reason, then you can definitely understand it:

In the place where the finca “Villas del Lago” is located, there are no other shopping options apart from a few Colmados. The next larger city is Santiago and is about 1 hour 20 minutes away by car. Depending on the traffic in the city, we spend more than half a day on the road shopping. Therefore, we have to calculate and budget the food carefully. It is therefore very important for us to have a secure acceptance and pre-selection from every guest. This way we can avoid buying too much, but also not too little, and not throwing food away in the trash!
We would be happy if you understand this and support us!

Is the restaurant public, can I just come and look at the finca?"

We know that our view is something very special and represents great magic and attraction to nature. That’s exactly why we respect when our overnight guests enjoy this magic in peace and relaxation. We also want to support them in this and do not open the restaurant to the public.
If you request in good time, you are welcome to come and visit us and we will take the time to show you the rooms or the glamping area (during our opening hours). To protect the peace and quiet of our customers, we cannot allow you to stay freely in the finca.

If you have any specific questions, we ask that you contact us in good time by sending us an email to villasdellagoresort@gmail.com

However, we do offer a Day Pass, which will allow you to enjoy the outside facilities, such as poool, bar, lounge, bonfire–and yes, the view!

Please contact us for availablility.

I would like to book a photo shoot for a special event in Villas del Lago, is that possible?"

Yes, this is possible, for example for wedding photos, or a photo session for a birthday or anniversary. However, you must contact us in good time. The best way to do this is to call +1 829 558 89 83 or send us an email at villasdellagoresort@gmail.com

Appointments are only made by arrangement!
In your request, please let us know what type of appointment it is, how many people you want to bring with you and a simple explanation of what the process should be.

Booking: +1 (829) 558-8983

Resort: +1 (829) 204-4268


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The drive from Santiago takes about 45 minutes. The last part of the road is not paved. You can also park your car at the dam (presa) and take the water taxi (boteconcho) to us. This is actualy the most preferd way as the bote ride is very nice. To see the route enter your start point here: Route Map

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Just let us know with some pre-notice that you want to be picked up in Santiago. We will organise a pickup transfer for you.


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